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Become a Human Walking Weapon.  Learn to defend your family and yourself against violent crime and the most common street attacks in South Africa using hard core, intelligent, realistic, no nonsense techniques that work.


We specialise in taking ordinary civilians and turning them into their attacker’s worst nightmare. 


Become a Human Walking Weapon. This is the kind of training that will really change your life.




You can be any age (this particular course is for adults and teens), you can be any fitness level and you can have no prior experience. As a side note, this is also a great alternative to normal gym!  You will be shown how to work around any pre-existing injuries and/or disabilities.  For example we have taught students who have lost limbs in road accidents.


Thousands of people across a broad spectrum have trained with me over the years including police officers, bodyguards, private security firms, military and civilians from all walks of life, ranging in age from 5 years to 82 years.

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We understand that it can be a little overwhelming walking into a combat gym for the first time.  But Storm Combat is different!

From the moment you walk in, you are made to feel welcome and part of the family.  You are taught carefully and patiently, shown step by step what to do and encouraged throughout the process!  

Pretty soon, you will be encouraging other newcomers to the class and find yourself teaching them using your own set of skills! You will be amazed at how quickly this happens!  



Aside from acquiring a serious set of skills, there are many other positive benefits - getting fitter, gaining strength and losing weight, relieving stress and just having fun.

Your confidence soars, knowing that you are equipped with the knowledge to respond swiftly and appropriately should you or a loved one be attacked.

The training also assists in addressing and dealing with with anger management, depression, anxiety, trauma from past attacks and more.

Beyond Beginner Level

Most of our Beginner Level students so enjoy the training and the Storm Combat Vibe and Tribe, that they can't imagine their lives without it.  As a result the majority often choose to continue beyond Beginner Level.  This means you start your journey to Black Belt.  

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At Storm Combat we are widely known for two things: being a seriously hard-core, no nonsense combat gym, with very friendly people and no egos, lots of laughter and lots of sweat! (Don't let "Hard-Core" put you off. You won't get hurt while you are training.... but we can't say the same for any potential attacker.)