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Short Course

At Storm Combat, everyone begins their self defence training by joining our Krav Maga 12 Week Beginner Course.


What you will learn

Tailored for beginners, this course offers a structured self-defense program teaching fundamental Krav Maga techniques, including defending against common street attacks in South Africa, disarming firearms, and protecting against knife threats. Civilian students undergo the same rigorous training as law enforcement and security professionals, ensuring they are equipped to handle real-life assailants with powerful and effective techniques.

Exit points

Once you complete the 12 Week Course, you may choose to exit the training program.  At this point, you will have acquired a solid set of basic self-defence skills. 

Beyond Beginner Level

Historically, the majority of our students elect to continue their training beyond the 12 Weeks.  Most of them stay on and continue to develop their skill-set, in pursuit of increasingly higher levels of mastery.


Journey to black belt

And this is where the journey to Black Belt begins.  Upon completion of the 12 Week Beginner Course, you will immediately begin preparation for your first formal grading working towards Yellow Belt.  The table below illustrates the progression and associated time frames from White Belt through Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown and ultimately Black Belt.

Is age a factor?

You are never too old or too young to start this journey.  Many of our students simply arrived at the club without any conscious intention of progressing beyond the beginner level.

They certainly never imagined they could attain higher levels of proficiency, let alone reach the level of a Black Belt. Many considered Black Belt status to be the illusive and unattainable territory of younger athletes.   This is not true. You can still achieve a Black Belt into your 60's and beyond, health permitting.

The sensible approach

If you aspire to becoming a Black Belt, our recommendation is that you look upon your training as part of your lifestyle - think of this as an alternative to regular gym.  Focus on the training and the belt will worry about itself!

Ready to get started? 


GREAT!  You will probably be wondering about our next course date, class times, fees and how to go about enrolling.

Don't leave this  page. 

Just keep scrolling down





Course Dates:
12 Week Krav Maga Beginner Course


We assign a name to each group of students in each intake.  Below are the dates of all the intakes for the year ahead.

If you miss the start date of one of our courses and do not wish to wait a full month for the commencement of the next course, you are welcome to join the course that has already begun.  We will help you catch up. 

ALPHA 1 GROUP:       8 January - 27 March

BRAVO 1 GROUP:       3 February - 29 April

CHARLIE 1 GROUP:    4 March - 29 May

DELTA 1 GROUP:         3 April - 26 June

ECHO 1 GROUP:         6 May - 31 July

FOXTROT 1 GROUP:   3 June -  28 August

ALPHA 2 GROUP:       1 July - 30 September

BRAVO 2 GROUP:       5 August - 30 October

CHARLIE 2 GROUP:    2 September - 27 November

DELTA 2 GROUP:         7 October - 11 December

ECHO 2 GROUP:         2 November - 26 February 2025

Students joining Alpha 1 Group and who elect to continue beyond the Beginner Level Course can expect to Grade for their Yellow Belt before the end of 2024 assuming they train consistently.

The Beginner Course Classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6.45pm - 8.15pm with the option of attending the Boxing class immediately beforehand.  (No extra cost)



5.30PM:  Optional:  Boxing

7.15PM:  Course Requirement:   Krav Maga Class

8.00PM:  Course Requirement:   Street BJJ Class


5.30PM Optional:  Boxing

7.15PM  Course Requirement:   Krav Maga Class

8.00PM  Course Requirement:   FMA Weapons

Saturday (Optional)

9.00AM    Boxing

9.45AM    Krav Maga Class

10.30AM  FMA Weapons

11.15AM  Street BJJ

If you are unable to attend evening classes, you can complete the Beginner Course by attending Saturday morning classes.

You can also attend BOTH the evening AND the Saturday classes at no extra cost.  



12 Week Krav Maga
Beginner Course




Monthly installments R899/month

Registration Fee :  R450 payable upon enrollment.

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