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At Storm Combat training is available at all levels, whether you are learning boxing for fun, health, fitness and weight loss or whether you are an aspiring amateur or professional boxer.


Boxing will push you mentally and physically to improve your endurance.  You are training your body and your mind constantly to persist. Aside from building mental strength it also increases your confidence.  


Boxing requires the fighters to be tactical, and have a certain amount of anticipation for their opponents’ next move. It takes logic and science to be able to create an environment where it’s all possible. Boxer has often been compared to chess.  It is more than a game of fitness, strength and endurance - it is a game of wits.

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If you would like to make Boxing your sole focus and your area of specialisation, your training is tailored to maximise performance.


For our more serious Boxers wishing to compete - we have you covered.  There are multiple classes per week structured to support your Boxing performance.  Aside from the expected Technical Boxing Classes, your fighter preparation will also include Sparring, Weight Training, Combat QMT, Boxing Fitness, Flexibility and more.  If you would like to step into the ring, we will partner you on this journey and get you ready for your first fight.

For students wanting to learn Boxing at a recreational level, you can take anywhere up to 12 classes a week (excluding all the fitness classes!, Obviously the more you train, the quicker you will see results in both your fitness and your boxing skill level.


Boxing trains cardiovascular strength and endurance more effectively than the majority of workouts available today. It has the power to condition the human body into an energy-efficient machine.


Take one look at the body of a professional boxer, and you’ll see an incredibly lean and cut athlete that is in prime condition.


Boxing isn’t just about punching. It’s so much more than that. There’s head movement and footwork, defensive techniques such as bobbing and weaving, as well as workouts to develop power and speed. More importantly, boxing is a full-body workout as it engages the entire upper and lower body.  


The intensive and rigorous roadwork, footwork and shadow-boxing exercises, followed by the constant fast-paced repetition of striking and punching techniques is great in stimulating muscle fibers that you have never used before.   After training for a while, you will discover strength and explosion you never had before.



Strength and conditioning is crucial for performance in every sport. In Boxing, it is undeniable that for a given skill level, a stronger, faster player is harder to beat, harder to evade, and poses a far greater threat than a slower, weaker opponent.


At a competitive level strength, speed, and conditioning plays a very important role in determining which athlete will ultimately find themselves victorious.   This is especially true when the athletes are of similar technical skill and also why you will find weight training on your class program.

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