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An aggressive martial art, Muay Thai is known as the art of eight limbs.  Its focus is on landing punches, elbows, knees, and kicks. The leg kicks are designed to damage the muscles in an attacker's calves and thighs and to make it difficult for them to manoeuvre.  Elbows are used to open up cuts in an assailant's face, and the clinch is used to control a fight, limit the damage you take, and land devastating knees and elbows from close quarters.


While Muay Thai certainly teaches defensive tactics, the main focus of Muay Thai is the offence.  This is congruent with the underlying principle of self-defence taught at Storm Combat - attack your attacker!  Muay Thai relies on setting up powerful, fight-finishing blows to quickly dispatch an opponent. The training, while safely conducted has the added benefit of promoting your physical and mental toughness.

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Explosive and powerful strikes can subdue an assailant quickly and effectively. You are trained to use the majority of your body as weapons.

Gaining mastery of Muay Thai’s many techniques means you can string together complex striking combinations that are extremely difficult to defend against.


Opponents often find it hard to deal with a skilled Muay Thai fighter’s intricate but fluid striking, let alone assailants with no hand-to-hand combat training.


The majority of Muay Thai’s striking techniques are fast and explosive. Strikes are designed to deliver stunning knockout blows and incapacitate opponents instantly.


Not many people can handle being struck by a flying knee to the head, or a roundhouse kick to the kidney. Muay Thai has plenty of these weapons and more.

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While the odds are stacked against you in a multiple attacker scenario, the fast footwork, sound defensive tactics, and explosive offense learned in Muay Thai helps to increase your chances of escape. 

While we always prefer to defend with a weapon in your hand, if that is not possible, then your Krav Maga, BJJ and Muay Thai skills are essential.

Should you find yourself in that situation, the reality is that your movement and time have just decreased by over 50%.

You have to be aware of where you can go and what you can do in that space.  If you cannot access your own weapon or an improvised weapon, then you have no option but to be a weaon!


You learn to gauge distance and stack your attackers so that you can face multiple assailants by taking them on one by one instead of simultaneously. 


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