When training online, it is extremely important to receive regular feedback on your progress.  It is also immensely encouraging to see how far you have come in your journey.


With our online evaluation, you can now receive constructive and detailed feedback, which we hope you will find very helpful.  You can build on your strengths and shore up any weaknesses.  There is a great sense of achievement in grading and we encourage you to seriously consider this option.

The process is really straightforward.  Once you have mastered the syllabus and techniques for any given belt stripe, you will be sent the examination requirements.


Record your examination (no editing permitted) using your mobile phone and upload it directly to this website, following the simple steps explained in the examination preparation video for each belt stripe.

If, upon completing the exam, your techniques, timing and intensity meet our Storm Combat requirements, you will be awarded the relevant technical belt ranking.

Once Covid-19 is under control and gyms are permitted to re-open, the technical belt can be verified at our formal grading held at Storm Combat.

  • About Ivana Ries
  • About Ivana Ries