As you may know a significant rise is cases has been recorded recently.  

Your safety while training at Storm Combat remains of paramount importance.  We are therefore instituting the following additional precautionary measures until we see a reduction in cases:

➡️BJJ Open Mat classes temporarily replaced with Boxing.

➡️Fitness Classes: Number of Participants per class reduced.


➡️BJJ I and BJJ II Classes will be replaced with Weapons I and Weapons II and FMA Hand to Hand Combat I and II classes with immediate effect.  

➡️For those of you prepping for September grading please don't worry: we will blitz the Krav/Muay Thai and FMA syllabus for now and closer to the grading (by which point this wave should be over) we will blitz the BJJ Syllabus.  


I know we all love BJJ but your health and safety as well as that of your teammates has to come first.  We didn't miss a beat during the second wave and still prepared successfully for the April  grading and with the Lords grace we will adopt the same strategy that worked last time.  


➡️Good ventilation:  Please bring an extra layer clothing with you.  Good ventilation is a big factor in reducing the spread of Covid-19.  We will therefore continue to train with the big roll-up door open   and the fans running.  You may benefit from an extra layer of clothing.  

We have multiple sanitization points.  Please sanitize your hands frequently while training.  Please spray down equipment before and after use.  Please place training guns, sticks and knives in the sanitization bin after use.


➡️ Symptoms or Covid-19 contact:  Please don't shrug aside mild cold symptoms as "just a cold".  Many Covid-19 cases start like that. If you are experiencing any  flu-like symptoms please rather stay home and rest and recover.  We will be waiting for you when you are well again!  Naturally if you have been in contact with a suspected or confirmed Covid-19 case, please stay at home until your own status is verified or you have chosen to self-quarantine.

In all aspects we try our best to keep our training safe and professional.