Our Executive Safety Programme offers courses designed exclusively to ensure the safety of VIP's in your company with intelligent and powerful training in how to deal with situations such as attempted hijackings, attempted abduction, immediate personal safety threats, threat identification and avoidance and step-by-step advanced crisis management protocols.

Whether dealing with the sophisticated criminals or the opportunistic ones, locally or while traveling abroad, there are a number of preventive strategies that can be employed to lower the odds of becoming a victim.   We teach situational awareness and train our executives to identify pre-attack indicators.


Very few senior executives travel with formal weapons. Thus, if they need to fight back, they need to rely on their ability to either do so without weapons or to improvise.


In training senior executives in self-defense, our goal is to ensure they can successfully defend themselves or their loved one in life threatening confrontations.


This takes a number of forms from teaching them how to use their hands and knees (hand-to-hand combat) to quickly and effectively disable an assailant or to use easily available objects to incapacitate an attacker.  They are also taught various weapon disarms in multiple contexts, from knives to handguns.

Any physical conflict between a criminal and a senior executive has to end quickly. A prolonged physical encounter usually only benefits the attacker. We provide senior executives with the tools to decisively and powerfully neutralise the attacker within 2 to 3 seconds.   


Our training also includes instruction on how to  transform easily accessible objects such as pens, magazines, tablets, phones, and even straws into highly destructive defensive weapons.


The techniques we teach executives mirror the techniques we use to train police, military and bodyguards, effectively enabling the executive to become his own first responder. 



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  • About Ivana Ries