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Firearms training is a critical component of your self-defence training, even if you never intend to own and carry a firearm. It is our believe that everyone should be comfortable handling and using a firearm.  If you own a firearm, then gaining increasing tactical knowledge, speed, precision and accuracy is essential.  If you don't own a firearm, but would like to become a proficient shooter, you can gain the required skill through our training and then graduate to sports shooting.

Training includes knowing how to handle a firearm without threat of accidental injury, safety rules, range rules, PPE, loading and unloading, accountability for every shot, dealing with malfunctions and jams, fundamentals of shooting including grip, stance, sight alignment, precision and accuracy, speed reloads, dominant and non-dominant hand shooting, ammunition and so much more.

For women who may have a fear of firearms or learning to shoot, training is conducted by a female firearms instructor in an encouraging and confidence building manner.

Weapons include handguns  (Glock, CZ, Sig), semi-automatic rifles  (AK47, AR15, Galil etc.)  carbines (MP5 etc)

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