Green Belt I Stripe  = 16 Modules    (Pre-Requisite - Orange IV)


Green Belt I is the first of a four-part ONLINE TRAINING series


Consisting of 16 modules, the Green Belt I training videos are packed with detailed instruction, explanation, tips, common errors, step-by-step demonstrations, home practice drills and solo drills.


As you continue your journey from Orange Belt, this comprehensive intermediate level II course includes training in:


  • Israeli Krav Maga
  • Street Combatives/MMA/Boxing
  • Ground Combatives/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  • Weapons Training/Filipino Martial Arts




Upon purchase of this course, you can begin training right away. 

This is the process:


  1. Upon payment, you will immediately receive a digital document to download. Please complete the registration form and click on the Submit Button.
  2. Next you will immediately receive an email which will provide you with both your password and link to the course material. If this does not arrive in your inbox please check your SPAM folder and TRANSFER IT to your Inbox.  This will restore the formatting of the email.  You are set to continue your journey.
  3. The first module of 16 is open.. 
  4. Every 48 hours thereafter a new module will unlock until you have completed all 16 Modules.




Once you have completed Green Belt I Stripe, you may continue with the next courses in the series as follows:


Green Belt II Stripe      = 16 Modules    (Pre-requisite: Green Belt I)

Green Belt III Stripe     = 16 Modules    (Pre-requisite: Green Belt II)

Green Belt IV Stripe     = 16 Modules    (Pre-requisite: Green Belt III)




  1. Once you have completed all four stripes, you will have covered the full Green Belt Syllabus (a total of 64 Modules).
  2. Each stripe carries an optional progress test. 
  3. At the end of the full course, you are eligible for formal grading.  (This is optional).
  4. Upon passing the grading you will be awarded a ranking of Blue Belt, and may commence your journey to Purple belt.
  5. Should you choose not to complete the formal grading, you may continue to the next belt level, but you will not receive a formal ranking.






    If for any reason you do not receive the first email after purchase, please be sure to check your SPAM FOLDER  


    Please do not hesitate to contact with any concerns, questions or queries.  We will gladly assist you.








    Green Belt I

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