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Designed for women, and taught by a woman, this corporate workshop provides the essentials of self-defence against the type of attacks encountered by women. 

Created to enable a smaller, weaker defender to realistically, powerfully and decisively stop a bigger, stronger attacker in his tracks.  Our system uses brain to beat brawn. It teaches you how to defend against weapons like knives and guns, too, even if you’re empty-handed.

It comes down to good, solid science. If you have even a basic knowledge of physiology (the weaknesses of the human body, how to exploit them, and how to amplify your own strengths), then you’re already halfway there.


Add in a few ‘secrets’ that teach you how to become stronger and faster, along with a selection of techniques that are remarkably intelligent, and you have a system that is seriously powerful and effective.

Our training is safe – and our unique system of Krav Maga is designed to be incredibly user-friendly. In fact, you can learn many of our techniques in under 60 seconds – although obviously some diligent practice is required to master them.

What we teach you, works. Over the years, in addition to civilian training in our regular club classes, workshops, and seminars, we’ve also trained law enforcement teams, military personnel, and some extremely high level security and close protection teams – and without exception, our system has proven itself to be one of the very best out there.



We understand that the most profound human changes happen in the mind first, so we incorporate things like mental exercises that will remove fear and paralysis in a crisis, and enable you to act instantly and powerfully. We also teach you techniques that will instantly and effortlessly double your everyday awareness.
There’s no arguing with the results – and many of our trainees tell us that their lives have been transformed.

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