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Rudi is a seasoned self-defense instructor with a rich and diverse background in military and combat training. With years of hands-on experience, Rudi brings a unique perspective to every class.

Military Elite Reaction Force Member

Rudi's journey in the world of combat and self-defense began as a member of the Military Elite Reaction Force. This elite unit, known for its rigorous selection process and intensive training regimen, equipped Rudi with advanced tactical skills, strategic thinking, and the ability to remain calm under pressure. His time in the force honed his proficiency in various combat scenarios, preparing him to handle any threat with precision and confidence.

Training with the Israeli Army 

Rudi's dedication to mastering the art of self-defense led him to participate in an exclusive program with the Israeli Army. During this program, he trained alongside some of the world's most skilled soldiers, gaining invaluable insights into their renowned combat techniques. This experience not only broadened his tactical knowledge but also enriched his teaching methodology, allowing him to integrate international best practices into his training sessions.


Hand-to-Hand Combat Training in Israel
In addition to his military experience, Rudi underwent intensive hand-to-hand combat training in Israel, one of the leading nations in self-defense techniques. Here, he practiced Hagenah, a highly effective and practical self-defense system designed for real-world situations.


He is now combining that training with the extensive ICS combat system. This training has enabled Rudi to teach his students how to defend themselves effectively, regardless of their size or strength, using simple and efficient techniques in the ICS system.

His favourite quite is: ‘I would rather be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.’





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