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Exercise Physiologist

MScEd, Exercise Physiology (Baylor University, U.S.A)

BSc Health and Exercise Science, PPT (Oral Roberts University, U.S.A)

Highly regarded as an expert in the field of health, fitness, and sports performance, Natalie specialises in sport-specific exercise testing and exercise prescriptions that are scientifically designed to achieve an athlete’s sports performance goals. Having a special interest in long term athletic development Natalie  is passionate about helping athletes become the very best that they can be.  




She graduated from Baylor University in the United States with a Masters of Science degree in Exercise Physiology, winning the Dean’s Award.  While completing her studies she played Collegiate Division 1 Tennis and lectured for the Health and Human Performance department at both Oral Roberts University and Baylor University. She was recognised as an All American by the United States Achievement Academy for Academic and Athletic Excellence. 


After seven years of advanced academic studies, Natalie was appointed by the Golden Lions Rugby Union as a fitness consultant and trainer.  With over twenty years of experience both in clinical and the high-performance sports training environments, she has worked with a wide variety of clients, ranging from cardiac rehabilitation patients to elite professional athletes.  


Natalie is also an Allied Health Professional that has worked in sports medicine clinics, cardiac rehabilitation hospital programmes as well as consulting and training amateur and professional athletes across a variety of sporting codes. She is a “trainer to the trainers” having taught the Advanced Certificate in Exercise Science and the National Diploma in Fitness for the Health and Fitness Professionals Academy.




An extremely passionate Exercise Physiologist, Natalie has extensive knowledge and skills in the design and delivery of safe and effective exercise interventions for people with acute, sub-acute or chronic medical conditions, injuries or disabilities.  She has gained valuable experience working in both conditioning and rehabilitation and uses her knowledge and skills to safely and effectively prescribe exercise to improve athletic performance as well as manage chronic diseases and injuries.


Natalie will perform a comprehensive clinical health screening that includes a client’s medical history and a functional movement analysis. Sports-specific fitness tests are then conducted in order to provide accurate physiological profiles for all athletes.  She provides scientific support to athletes and teams by monitoring training through the measurement and assessment of physical functions such as respiration, metabolism and the nervous, pulmonary and cardiovascular systems. Natalie uses evidence-based training programmes to adequately prepare athletes for competition.



  1. Fitness test athletes to build accurate physiological profiles.

  2. Develop tailored fitness training programmes.

  3. Monitor and reassess training plans on a regular basis

  4. Liaise with coaching staff to maximise the effects of training

  5. Educate and advise athletes and coaches on areas such as heart rate monitoring, recovery techniques, hydration strategies, overtraining and acclimatisation

  6. Provide benchmark physiological information to enable long-term athletic development

  7. Work in collaboration with other sport and exercise professionals such as physiotherapists, dietitians, trainers, and sport psychologists


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