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Specialised training is  available for the unique requirements and challenges faced by:

  • Law Enforcement

  • Private Security Companies

  • Close Protection Officers

  • Anti Rhino Poaching Units

  • Corporate Security Personnel

  • Aviation Security

  • Maritime Security

  • Neighbourhood Watch

  • CPF Members

This can take the form of individual private coaching or a group course.

To book your private training or for more details on our course please contact us on 083 735 0303 or send an email to



During the hours of intensive focus and strenuous, demanding training, delegates will be exposed to technical, tactical, mental and physical preparation in military hand-to-hand armed and unarmed combat. 


This includes weapon retention, restraining techniques, striking and kicking, choking defence, basics of wrestling and fighting from the clinch, takedowns and take-down defenses, handgun and rifle disarms from various postures with the weapon presented at a variety of angles; knife, panga, axe and meat cleaver defenses, disarms and transitions;  advanced combat skills using edged weapons;  combat skills with improvised weapons;  primary and secondary weapon transitions; ground fighting and restraining techniques; multiple attacker scenarios; fighting when injured;  fighting in low light or in the dark; escaping or dealing with hostage situations; combat-related first aid.



Our delegates put their skills to the test during simulated exercises, reacting to contact when entering and clearing building.


The course exposes weaknesses so that we can address these before lives are on the line.

This course aims to elevate trainees to high levels of proficiency within the shortest amount of time, with the goal being the education of the complete combatant, within the confines of the law.   

Delegates are required to demonstrate high levels of controlled aggression, perseverance, courage and determination.  They will be placed under pressure and required to demonstrate a calm level-headed approach, capable of correct decision-making during high-stress events able to fulfill demanding and dangerous tasks, while maintaining high levels of physical and mental resistance and stamina.


Whether you are training as a private individual or as part of a group, all of our professional delegates present with varying requirements as well as time availability. We usually work by creating bespoke solutions for each client.


Once we have had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the risks, threats and environment in which you or your security personnel operate, we will revert with considered options, both in terms of content and duration.  Our fees are very affordable and we often receive a surprised and enthusiastic response from our clients.



Please contact Ivana Ries on 083 735 0303

or email

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