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Close Quarter Combat Training for Operatives and Security


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Ages 4 - 11 Years

Krav Maga, Boxing & BJJ

Krav Maga will change your life

in the most incredible and unexpected ways! 

There's no arguing with the results!  Just ask our students!  We have car insurance, house insurance, medical insurance, but what about personal safety “insurance”?  Take that vital first step.  It could be a life-saver!  Join the family in Lonehill!


What's more is that it's great fun! And you become combat fit in the process!  There are classes for everyone!  Adults, Teens, Children.  Even if you have never tried martial arts or combat before, you need not be daunted!  No matter your age or fitness level, Krav Maga is for everyone! 


Having said that, we don't water down our techniques!  They are designed to save your life and we take your training extremely seriously.  It has already saved the lives of several of our students!  And the police officers we train are constantly sending us feedback of how they are successfully using our training on the street!

Krav Maga is used by elite military units, special forces such as the US Marines, the Royal Marines and law enforcement agencies around the world such as the FBI and CIA.

It is devastatingly effective, very realistic, powerful and an unapologetically no nonsense system of self-defence. The great news is that anyone can learn our system quickly and safely.  In addition to our weekly classes, we also offer a range of workshops for Corporates, Communities and Schools.


We offer specialized elite, advanced and customised Close Quarter Combat Training for members of the SA Police, VIP Protection Officers, Private Military Contractors, Emergency Medical Services Personnel, Armed and Unarmed Security Personnel and more.

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