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Designed for Fleet Drivers and all personnel who are regularly on the road. 

Not your run-of-the-mill hijacking course - our approach is current, informed by law-enforcement and security and offers a unique military-inspired approach for the civilian.


Intensive training that equips drivers in threat recognition and pre-attack indictors with the goal of evading a hijacking altogether.  If evasion is not possible, the training reduces panic and produces a quick, knowledgeable and calm response in the event of hijacking or kidnapping.  It further increases the probability of tracking and successful retrieving the stolen vehicle and cargo.  

The knowledge and skills gained could save a life - your life and the lives of loved ones, including children.   Hands-on training includes role play under extreme pressure at gun point from multiples angles.



Naturally, the best defence is to not be hijacked in the first place!  Detecting and avoiding a potential hijacking before it happens requires recognition of a number of factors.  These can be identified with correct training. 

If you do fall victim to a hijacking, how do you respond to increase your chances of your survival and that of your passengers?



Some of the topics you will cover include


Know the Players: 

The Global Underground Economy 

Know the Modus Operandi Evolution:

Crime Syndicates and Organised Crime

Operations and MO


Understanding the Warzone Parallels 

Applications from the War in Iraq and Afghanistan

Staying Alive on the South African Streets


Developing the Counter Assault

Left of Bang                            

The CPO Approach                    

Human Walking Weapon

As previously stated - not your run-of-the-mill hijacking course -  a unique military-inspired approach for the civilian.

We would love to help you.  Please contact Ivana Ries for more information.

083 735 0303

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